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Who are the top financial influencers online in the world of social media?

Together with PeerIndex, we have drawn up a list of those who have the most sway in the financial world, and are picked up and followed by key Twitter users.

Their online influence is measured with a score of between 0 and 100 to gauge their authority across social media.

Headed by Nouriel Roubini at the time of launch, the respected American economist, the top accounts are those whose messages are retweeted, shared, responded to or argued with the most.

These tweeps will keep changing in the listing as they gain or fall in significance. Follow using the hashtag #Finance100.


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  • Comment by Mark Lee

    Sorry but this qualifies neither as "insightful nor intelligent" The Peerindex ranking may claim to identify influencers but it is even more flaky than Klout which at least delivers a more stable ranking of tweeters and social media users. But neither REALLY gives a recognisable ranking of INFLUENCE either generally or specifically in the area of Finance. As to why Seth Godin (a brill marketing guru) and random politicians are on this list is a further mystery. Ps: No, I'm not miffed by my relatively low ranking (at the time of writing). I frequently debunk nonsense related to the worlds of accountancy and social media.

  • Comment by pgreenhalgh

    When the same list of accounts is ordered by top Klout score, this is the resulting top 10: * theeconomist * forbes * harvardbiz * zerohedge * occupywallstnyc * thisissethsblog * hmtreasury * peston * ed_miliband Bear in mind that Klout attempts to take into account every social media property and is not entirely focused on Twitter.

  • Comment by Anonymous

    Zerohedge at 98? Seriously? You guys obviously are not traders.

  • Comment by @eradke

    That is funny. I have a score of 35 and am not on there. Shouldn't you have to disclose that this is an obvious paid post if you did not take the time to research it?

  • Comment by Jonathan M

    @Andy M Turner, this measures social media influence, not influence in the world. If Bank of England doesn't update their Facebook page or tweet a lot this would make sense. I would take it with a grain of salt or understand what we are seeing.

  • Comment by Anonymous

    Another good list here -

  • Comment by Andy M Turner

    Oh, the irony that the ICAEW - the body supposedly representing gravitas and competence in numeracy - should allow its name anywhere near such a flaky bit of number crunching. As Marc Reeves (#64) wryly observed in his Twitter feed today: "Hilarious! According to this list, I'm as influential in economics as the Bank of England. No wonder we're in a mess." According to Peerindex, I am active on the topic of fast food in social media. That's a subject I've got no interest in and have never once written about. Klout's no better: it says I am influenced by, and in turn have influence over, people I've never had any contact with. The take-away for anyone interested is this: don't rely on computers to tell you who has real influence; or journalists for that matter!

  • Comment by Anonymous

    How does this compare to Klout scores?