Value of Audit: interviews

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  • Comment by Michelle Rosenbaum

    Thank you for sharing. I do believe that things have changed and that the behavioral condition is worth discussion. The word needs to be stated however in the normal discipline of accounting in that every statement from auditing must have proper criteria and assumptions and characteristics as the premise for discussion And with that said, very specific details can be discussed and let the speaker be known by his statements. As an example, I remember the first tine I heard Alan Greenspan speak I concluded that he gave many answers to the same question in a very comprehensive style of speaking. I actually prefer that type of speaking as it is very clear and unbiased and allows for the listener to interpret with weights so to speak of points without speaker seeming dictatorial. In accounting I would say the speaking allows for the business to use accounting rather than having accounting jargon run the business. it is management of accounting without which you have raw data.