27 Sep 2012 01:49pm

Which profession has the worst reputation for customer service?

According to research from technology consultancy Portal, poor customer service costs British businesses £4.35bn annually. The report shows over half of consumers have sought a new supplier in the last year as a result of poor customer service

Which profession has the worst reputation for customer service?

Portal found that despite this, 60% of UK firms allocate less than 5% of their marketing budget per year to customer retention.

Shamus Kelly, chief executive of Portal said, “British businesses need to pay much more attention to their customers. They are tired of shoddy, lacklustre customer service and it’s time UK plc sat up and took notice.

“Call centres just don’t cut it anymore; customers are demanding that companies look at new ways to communicate with them, such as social media and portals. Consumers’ preference for customer service interaction through customer portals has grown 62 per cent alone in the last two years – a significant contrast to the dwindling preference for telephone interactions, which have declined by 37 per cent over the same period.”

 What matters most to consumers?

What matters to consumers?

Source: Portal