February's economia

Highlights from February's issue, including the outspoken CFO of Pearson Robin Freestone, analysis of why a company buys back its own shares, the launch of the new Heart of British Business series, our practice profile looking at Adler Shine, and the argument for enforcing prudent valuation

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  • Skiing

    Snow big deal

    Skiing and snowboarding don’t have to be luxury holidays. Penelope Rance looks into finding snow on a shoestring

  • Walk on the wild side

    His career has taken him to London, Sydney and Chicago but in his retirement Chris Hordern prefers the countryside

  • China town

    In honour of Chinese New Year, Penelope Rance samples London’s best oriental restaurants

  • Gardeners' paradise

    If you’re looking for a lawn that will make the Joneses wilt with envy, now’s the time to get going in the garden

  • Love is in the air...

    If your romantic gestures need to be bigger than roses and Milk Tray, look no further


Technical Updates

  • Dear prudence

    Dear prudence

    Nick Martindale looks at the argument for enforcing prudent valuation

  • Power arranger

    Why is power of attorney so complicated to obtain, and what is being done to make it more accessible?

  • More choice for all

    The recent change to the audit exemption threshold offers new opportunities for smaller , says Caroline Biebuyck


  • Brown

    Davos 2013: National drift

    Gordon Brown says “narrow-minded” politicians have failed to accept the true nature of the financial crisis

  • Wired for success

    Technology could underpin the economic recovery, but are the sector’s mid-sized firms getting the investment?

  • How the good can be great

    Peter Bartram looks at the Social Stock Exchange, a means of making money as well as a difference

  • View from the top

    Mark Spofforth urges ICAEW members to get involved in council


  • Robin Freestone

    Rewriting the book

    Robin Freestone has plenty to say on regulation to tax, corporate reputation and the business of going digital

  • You shall have a fishy...

    Lance Forman used his ACA training to stop his company going up in smoke. Liz Loxton reports

  • As I see it

    John Clarke is partner, operational transaction services practice, Ernst & Young