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The UK's multilateral trade future

As the UK negotiates the terms of its divorce from the EU, its leaders should look at the international trade relations that best serve it

12 December 2017

Preparing for the Trump Trade War

Is US President Donald Trump what Maoists used to call a paper tiger, or should his noisy threats be taken seriously?

29 November 2017

Will the IMF lose Ukraine?

Mitchell A. Orenstein argues that Ukrainain economic reforms should wait

11 March 2014

Trade secretary starts search for international commissioners

Liam Fox announces that trade commissioners will be appointed to represent UK trade interests abroad

28 November 2017

DIT gets chief trade negotiations expert from NZ

Crawford Falconer to head up UK’s trade negotiations with other countries in run-up to Brexit and beyond

21 August 2017

Trump's trade illogic

Christopher Smart points out three fundamental flaws in the US administration's approach to globalisation

26 June 2017

The elusive benefits of flexible exchange rates

Flexible exchange rates do not cushion the economy from shocks, but they have other benefits

14 December 2017

UK must remain an open economy

The UK has a significant current account deficit to fund, says Trevor Williams

20 July 2016

EU trade deal not essential

A trade deal with the EU would be desirable but not essential after Brexit, according to think-tank IEA

18 August 2017

What a hard Brexit means for trade

The UK's decision to leave the single market and customs union will have huge consequences

18 January 2017

Showing 10 of 311 items