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The 10 steps towards a successful rebrand

As ICAEW launches its new brand this month, economia looks at the reasons organisations rebrand and how to get it right

7 April 2017

PwC has most powerful brand of Big Four

Firm still has one of the top ten most powerful global brands, but its strength is in decline

2 February 2017

EY has UK's fifth most valuable brand

The Big Four firm increased its brand value from £9.7bn in 2016 to £10.3bn in 2017 to move into the top five most valuable brands

2 days ago
Personal Investing

Why it pays to be an early bird

It’s time to stop procrastinating and start investing

13 April 2017
Personal Investing

50 recommended fund picks

Unwrap our experts’ best ideas with the Select 50, hand-picked from over 100 fund providers

21 April 2017

Finance manager named UK’s best job

Tax and audit managers also included in Glassdoor's best jobs list

24 January 2017

How UBI could help build community in an age of individualism

In an individualistic world where work prevents us from spending time with friends and family, a basic income could change society

10 April 2017

S&W shakes up management structure

Accountancy group shakes up the top layer of management with the appointment of a new leadership team

24 September 2013

CFOs worried about lack of talent

Finance leaders are struggling to find staff with the right skills

18 January 2016

Mazars UK grows income by 7%

UK arm of mid-tier firm saw its fee income increase from £149m to £160m

10 April 2017

Showing 10 of 22060 items