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Noel Edmonds demands compensation over HBoS scandal

TV personality pinpoints disgraced HBoS employee for his alleged role in collapse of Edmond's business

10 May 2017

Brookson buys Coventry firm

Company plans to announce more mergers this year in a bid to increase its services offering

16 March 2017
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Everyday diamonds – a girl's best friend

Diamonds are no longer an extravagant purchase reserved for the most formal of occasions, the Hiscox team finds

14 March 2017

Diary of a forensic accountant: Part 6

In the last of the series, Catherine Rawlin examines how mediation can mitigate even the most grievous of disputes

15 February 2017

#economia50 2015

Who are your go-to sources on Twitter for finance and accountancy news?

17 December 2015

What product recalls mean for business

Oliver Griffin examines how recalls affect firms and how they can put them right

2 March 2017

Is timesheet billing a help or a hindrance?

Rachel Willcox investigates why value-based pricing makes business sense for your firm

2 March 2017

The biggest challenges facing auditors in 2017

From Brexit to blockchain, Hywel Ball examines how the accounting profession will change in 2017 and beyond

17 January 2017

Sage plans to sell US payments business

British software company is looking at selling its North American payments business due to flat growth hurting business

8 December 2016

Businesses threaten to leave UK

Vodafone could move HQ out of UK if it loses access to the single market

29 June 2016

Showing 10 of 7117 items