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US House passes sweeping financial deregulation bill

Bill aims to relax regulatory restrictions enacted following the 2008 economic crash

9 June 2017

Alan Shearer sues financial advisers

The former England footballer claims the advisers gave him negligent financial advice on pension investments

16 June 2017

Insurance sector gets improved accounting model with IFRS 17

But to comply insurance companies face complex and costly implementation process

18 May 2017

FRC concludes Cup Trust investigation

ICAEW member banned for 10 years and fined £70,000 as a result of probe into the charity's tax planning

12 June 2017

Two thirds would pay more tax to support NHS

Majority of people would be happy to pay increased taxes, on the condition that it went towards improving the quality of the NHS

16 June 2017
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Can sparkling wine be as good as champagne?

The top sparkling wine varieties, from prosecco to German sparkling wine and the best years to invest in

20 June 2017

June 2017

This month Jo Hunter talks about her comeback; how accountancy firms can keep their best talent; talk baby elephants with the FD of Chester Zoo; and the best music of 1997

2 June 2017

A manifesto for Britain's rural industries

Hadlow College's deputy CEO outlines how to draw the new government's attention to a challenge that is fundamental to the way in life in the UK

6 June 2017

A day in the life: Sam Caethoven

Sam Caethoven describes how she went from diamond mines to a role that involves one of her real passions: rare books

6 January 2017

Temporary measures for insurers

IASB issues proposals to deal with effective dates problem

9 December 2015

Showing 10 of 12540 items