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Government launches new financial crime centre

Home secretary Amber Rudd has launched the National Economic Crime Centre

11 December 2017

How firms can step up the fight against corporate crime

Caroline Biebuyck examines how small and medium-sized practitioners keep up with their responsibilities

2 March 2017

The risks of insider trading

Caroline Biebuyck on the risks and what accountants can do to minimise them

16 July 2014

Can you future-proof against corporate scandal?

Corporate scandal, it seems, are part of modern life. So how can companies protect themselves against the risks of unethical conduct?

22 December 2017

Archers applauded for addressing fraud

The program has been praised for its recent story thread involving investment fraud

27 November 2017

Accountants are gatekeepers to economy

The profession has a vital role to play, says Michael Izza

7 December 2016

KPMG partners accused of contempt in China

Partners at the Big Four firm are reportedly facing contempt proceedings in relation to their work with China Medical Technologies

20 December 2017

Combating corporate corruption

UK criminal liability proposals could become world-leading in tackling crime

19 October 2016

How government took the fight to corporate criminals in 2016

The gloves are off: Johanna Walsh outlines new measures the government has adopted to clamp down on financial corruption

13 December 2016

UK regulators get tougher

The average fine issued rose from £10.3m to £42.3m

30 November 2015

Showing 10 of 677 items