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How firms can step up the fight against corporate crime

Caroline Biebuyck examines how small and medium-sized practitioners keep up with their responsibilities

2 March 2017

The risks of insider trading

Caroline Biebuyck on the risks and what accountants can do to minimise them

16 July 2014

Business must drop "it won't happen here" approach to fraud

Firms failing to deter crime, promote honesty and restore public faith, says FAP

6 July 2017

UK and Canadian tax authorities join forces to tackle fraud case

HMRC said it is working with the Canada on a $55m (£43m) tax fraud investigation

14 June 2017

New corporate crime laws proposed

Ministry of Justice suggests making firms liable for criminal wrongdoing of their staff

13 January 2017

Jose Mourinho accused of tax fraud in Spain

Manchester United manager under investigation over his time at Real Madrid

20 June 2017

Strong year for the SFO

SFO recovered a total of £19.6m, compared to £12.6m in the previous year

25 July 2016

Combating corporate corruption

UK criminal liability proposals could become world-leading in tackling crime

19 October 2016

How government took the fight to corporate criminals in 2016

The gloves are off: Johanna Walsh outlines new measures the government has adopted to clamp down on financial corruption

13 December 2016

Former Olympus bosses to pay back $529m

Six former Olympus executives forced to pay back damages in one of Japan’s largest ever corporate scandals

28 April 2017

Showing 10 of 2097 items