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Ten ways to spend a Winter evening

William Ham Bevan fires up the imagination with 10 of the best ways to spend a winter evening, both home and away

1 November 2017

HMRC head of customer services Ruth Owen leaves

Director general for customer services is to depart after only a year in the job

4 April 2017

At whose service?

Giving customers a good experience should be at the heart of any business. So why are some of the world’s biggest organisations so bad at it?

5 December 2017
Technology and business

Viva la (digital) revolution!

A digital approach to customer experience sees brands focusing on engaging and opening up a dialogue with their customers

24 October 2017

Best and worst times to call HMRC

Long call waiting times could lead to more mistakes the Revenue is warned

30 August 2016

HMRC call waiting times double

It now takes 38 minutes to speak to an HMRC adviser, up from 18 last year

17 December 2015

Debate: renationalising railways

We asked a number of experts, professors, business groups and firms if renationalising the railways will lead to a better deal for the customer

30 October 2017

Competition to stimulate service

Jo Owen discusses how competition should stimulate good customer service, however many CEOs prefer rent-seeking

5 December 2017

How much are services worth?

Accountants are moving away from "fundamentally flawed" billable hours system

6 May 2015

New regulations and how accountants can help clients

How can accountants help their clients stay within the law, asks Liz Loxton

8 May 2017

Showing 10 of 602 items