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The problem with the Great Repeal Bill

The Bill could bring three considerable problems at home, explains Bronwen Maddox

4 May 2017

Best practice

Xenia Taliotis examines the measures firms are taking to prepare their clients for Brexit

8 May 2017

The cost of Brexit: crunching the numbers

Hard figures have been absent from much of the debate around the cost of Brexit, says Michael Izza. To help inform the discussion ICAEW has run the numbers

2 days ago

UK one of the best prepared countries for change

Country among top 10 nations best prepared for impact brought on by political and economic changes, KPMG finds

19 July 2017

Frankfurt wins more of London's financial services jobs

Citigroup is the latest business to relocate hundreds of jobs to Germany post-Brexit

19 July 2017

Brexit and the supply chain: why it pays to be proactive

Andrew Underwood and Olivier Sorgniard explore the potential impact of our post-Brexit trading model on supply chain operations

17 July 2017

UK votes to leave EU

British voters have shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union

24 June 2016

Brexit means (more expensive) breakfast

The cost of a full-English will increase by 13% if World Trade Organisations tariffs are imposed after negotiations

11 July 2017

EU: the economic arguments

Here’s a range of views that might help you decide how to vote on 23 June

4 May 2016

Parliament "to vote on Article 50"

Brexit must be put to a vote in the House of Commons, High Court rules

3 November 2016

Showing 10 of 11780 items