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Congratulations, president Macron – now we oppose you

Macron’s policies will simply worsen the deflationary, regressive cycle that is Le Pen’s greatest ally, says Yanis Varoufakis

15 May 2017

The legacy of the global financial crisis

Ten years on from the crisis, the world is still wrestling with the consequences. Nick Martindale traces its origins and both current and possible future impacts

8 May 2017

Business confidence positive for first time since Brexit vote

Optimism among businesses picks up despite the lack of long-term growth plans, says ICAEW

8 May 2017

Cabinet Office to review economic crime agencies

The internal review will consider the organisations’ effectiveness, resources and powers

13 March 2017

IMF ups UK growth rate forecast

International Monetary Fund changes mind yet again over UK’s economic outlook post EU referendum

19 April 2017

UK could transform economic model after Brexit

Chancellor hints at low tax economy if Britain loses access to single market

16 January 2017

Turnaround for specialists

Economic downturns usually offer good opportunities for investors to snap up assets cheaply

24 January 2012

Why Brexit uncertainty will put bright economic outlook to the test

Recent history shows us why we should take the latest healthy forecasts with a pinch of salt

8 March 2017

Lib Dem manifesto: the economic policies

Party promises 1p income tax increase to raise £6bn for the NHS and pledges to crack down on tax avoidance

17 May 2017
Personal Investing

Economic outlook 2017

Tom Stevenson discusses the year ahead and his logic for the funds he will be investing in

7 February 2017

Showing 10 of 9359 items