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Businesses to raise wages past inflation in 2018

Businesses in the UK will increase wages in line with, or higher than inflation in order to retain talent

19 December 2017

Opportunities for all

Through his charitable trust Gordon Horsfield has made a difference to hundreds of lives

5 December 2017

Norman Lamb on employee ownership

The employment relations minister on his vision for employee ownership

28 June 2012

Three of the Big Four are best companies to work for

PwC, KPMG and Deloitte make it into list of the top 25 most desirable companies to work for in the UK

19 May 2017

How accountancy firms can retain the best talent

With a third of qualified accountants saying they plan to change jobs next year, Rachel Wilcox outlines how companies can hang on to their best staff

1 June 2017

Employees want more holidays

Disparity between what employers and employers want

3 December 2015

How to avoid the most common payroll errors

Payroll errors represent a considerable cost for firms, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk, as Paul Golden discovers

7 April 2017

Accountants who feel respected are the happiest

Happiest accountants are those who feel they are treated with fairness and respect, survey finds

28 February 2017

Tackling the finance skills gap

How businesses can overcome the skills shortage

21 October 2015

Automation to cut EY workload by a third

Big Four firm has plans to cut back the repetitive jobs by the introduction of robots

22 May 2017

Showing 10 of 78 items