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Norman Lamb on employee ownership

The employment relations minister on his vision for employee ownership

28 June 2012

How accountancy firms can retain the best talent

With a third of qualified accountants saying they plan to change jobs next year, Rachel Wilcox outlines how companies can hang on to their best staff

1 June 2017

Employees want more holidays

Disparity between what employers and employers want

3 December 2015

How to address gender bias in the technology industry

Gabby Burlacu on the steps companies can take to ensure a level playing field where talent can rise to the top

22 June 2017

Accountants who feel respected are the happiest

Happiest accountants are those who feel they are treated with fairness and respect, survey finds

28 February 2017

Best practice: the benefits of flexible working

In the latest of our series, Xenia Taliotis looks at how an elastic approach to office hours can be a tool both for recruiting and retaining staff

27 July 2017

Striking the perfect work/life balance

Managers are trying to negotiate the relationship between employers and employees more holistically, as Nick Martindale discovers

10 January 2017

Automation to cut EY workload by a third

Big Four firm has plans to cut back the repetitive jobs by the introduction of robots

22 May 2017

BDO appoints private equity partner

Andrew Howson moves to mid-tier firm after over a decade working at EY as executive director

28 March 2017

Office of the future

The way we work is changing and so are our offices

7 January 2016

Showing 10 of 38 items