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Mixed reaction to Theresa May's race audit

Business and employment groups are calling for action over the new audit

12 October 2017

One in four stuck in low-paid jobs

Britain has an “endemic” low pay problem as one in four workers are “trapped” in low paying jobs

2 days ago

Female BBC staff paid nearly a tenth less than men

Women at the BBC are paid 9.3% less than men, the corporation's gender balance report shows

5 October 2017

Financial services gender pay gap is 31%

Financial services has the largest pay gap compared to any other UK industry

5 days ago

RSM brings in tranche of trainees

The firm adds 288 new trainees across 30 of its UK offices

12 September 2017

PwC’s gender pay gap stands at 14%

Women who work for PwC UK are paid almost 14% less than their male counterparts

29 June 2017

Why older people will need to work longer

David Adams on why more older people will need to work for longer and what this means for them, their employers and society

8 May 2017

Four fifths of businesses hit by rising employment costs

National living wage (NLW), auto-enrolment and the apprenticeship levy contribute to inflated baselines for four out of five businesses

25 August 2017

NMW compliance improving but could be better

Women make up two thirds of workers who are paid less than the National Minimum Wage but are far less likely to complain

18 September 2017

Best practice: the benefits of flexible working

In the latest of our series, Xenia Taliotis looks at how an elastic approach to office hours can be a tool both for recruiting and retaining staff

27 July 2017

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