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Best practice: the benefits of flexible working

In the latest of our series, Xenia Taliotis looks at how an elastic approach to office hours can be a tool both for recruiting and retaining staff

27 July 2017

Flexible working isn't easy

Charlotte Sweeney on how, and why, flexible working is the future

4 March 2015

Managing flexible working

How do you make flexible working work for your business?

3 October 2014

Flexible working swings jobs

Economic uncertainty requires business to be more agile and nimble, study finds

19 July 2016

Flexi-work boosts aspirations

Women lower their career expectations in companies that don’t offer flexible working, according to a new study

9 July 2013

The business case for agile working

Steve Varley, chairman of Ernst & Young, outlines the business case for flexible working

1 July 2013

Accountants work too much, study warns

Accountants are putting in too much overtime, with one in 10 working seven days a week

28 September 2017

Striking the perfect work/life balance

Managers are trying to negotiate the relationship between employers and employees more holistically, as Nick Martindale discovers

10 January 2017

Want more women in top positions? Provide them with more flexibility at work

Heejung Chung discusses ways to help women maintain their working patterns after childbirth without sacrificing their careers

24 August 2017

From the top: Hilary Lindsay

ICAEW president Hilary Lindsay on why access to flexible working needs to become central to businesses everywhere

7 April 2017

Showing 10 of 1083 items