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Value of UK fraud hits 15-year high

The value of fraud in the UK has risen by 538% in the last 15 years, reaching a total of £2.11bn in 2017

2 days ago

Jury’s out on the SFO/ Tesco fraud trial

As the criminal trial of three former Tesco executives draws to a close, questions surround the SFO’s conduct

12 hours ago

Rio Tinto hit with record fine amid fraud allegations

The company has been charged with fraud in the US and fined for breaching disclosure rules in the UK

18 October 2017

Fraud now most common crime in England and Wales

Fraud and cyber crime accounts for almost half of all crime in the country, ONS finds

20 January 2017

Archers applauded for addressing fraud

The program has been praised for its recent story thread involving investment fraud

27 November 2017

Former HBoS bankers found guilty of fraud

The two men, along with four others will be sentenced this week over scam that cost bank around £250m

31 January 2017

UK loses £190bn due to fraud

Fraudulent activity costs the UK £190bn annually, which is equal to £7,200 per household and more than the GDP of 148 countries

13 November 2017

Mourinho settles tax fraud charges

The football manager agreed to pay £3m to settle tax fraud case in Spain

3 November 2017

Corporate liability conundrum

Failure to prevent fraud offence not the answer to corporate liability conundrum

24 July 2014

Jetivia SA fraud case: analysis

Why the recent Supreme Court case on suing fraudulent directors left questions

28 April 2015

Showing 10 of 752 items