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A federal Spain in a federal Europe

A political vision is needed, and it can only be of a multicultural, multilingual, federal state embedded in a multicultural, multilingual, and federal Europe.

8 November 2017

Milan takes aim at patent court

Could Milan replace London as the venue for new pharmaceuticals disputes court?

14 November 2016

US Senate votes to protect banks against class-action suits

The rule that allowed US citizens to join forces to sue banks has been rolled back

26 October 2017

Cyprus thrill

As its neighbours lose their economic lustre, Cyprus is beginning to sparkle

28 May 2012

Go with the flow

Geoff Cook says there is a need for more rational thought about IFCs

5 September 2014

EU data protection

The legal changes you need to be aware of

7 January 2016

The challenges of keeping your surveillance systems up to date

Market, regulatory and commercial changes demand such systems are regularly updated and do not negatively affect day-to-day operations. Paul Golden reports

2 June 2017

Hong Kong: Fantasy island

An account of doing business in Hong Kong from the ACAs who live there

31 March 2016

Can you future-proof against corporate scandal?

Corporate scandal, it seems, are part of modern life. So how can companies protect themselves against the risks of unethical conduct?

22 December 2017

ICAEW makes history as regulator

Government approves ICAEW as regulator for probate activities and ABSs

6 March 2014

Showing 10 of 374 items