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Blackstone avoided tax on property deals, say reports

Private equity firm Blackstone has allegedly used offshore companies and complex loans to avoid millions of pounds in taxes on property deals

8 November 2017

Spring Budget: property

Rick Behan on what the announcements from the chancellor mean for the property market

8 March 2017

Hammond listening to concerns over business rates reforms

Chancellor "open to listening to the issues of the hardest hit" as worries mount over upcoming revaluation

21 February 2017

Hammond backs tax simplification

The chancellor Philip Hammond agrees with the Office for Tax Simplification that the tax code for smaller businesses needs reform

30 August 2017

Record £569.3bn tax yield for HMRC

HMRC’s tax take has made its biggest leap since the recession, increasing by £35.6bn in the last year

26 October 2017

How new business rate valuations are affecting small firms

With controversy dogging the new business rate valuations, David Adams asks what affect this is having and whether the system requires wholesale reform

2 June 2017

Budget 2014: changes for property

Deloitte's Phil Nicklin analyses the changes for the property industry

19 March 2014

Weekly tax update

Technical updates and notices in the tax world over the last fortnight

3 January 2014

Hammond's Budget tax bonus?

Will January’s record tax take give the chancellor extra room for manoeuvre, asks George Bull

23 February 2017

A teaser for the Autumn Budget

Not much to surprise in Hammond's last Spring Budget but a hint of things to come

8 March 2017

Showing 10 of 498 items