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Profile: Constantinos Christofides

University of Cyprus rector on making the establishment ecologically self-sustaining and financially self-sufficient

7 December 2016

Corporate crowdfunding

In this month's essay we look at how corporations can gain from crowdfunding

5 January 2016

The rise of the portfolio career

Sandra Haurant asks: why have one job when you can have many?

28 October 2016

Restoring integrity

A new ICAEW leadership programme aims to inculcate ethical decision-making in finance. Caroline Biebuyck reports

28 March 2013

SMEs owed £84bn in R&D tax relief

The Treasury owes Britain’s small businesses more than £84bn in backdated research and development tax relief

5 hours ago

How accountancy profession is shaping global development goals

Peter Wilson investigates and finds that the goals might also reshape the profession

8 February 2017

Budget 2017: experts respond

Cuts to growth and productivity forecasts overshadow a Budget speech that promised more money for workers and more support for first-time buyers

22 November 2017

Sector profile: space

Nick Martindale explores a sector that’s firmly back in fashion

8 December 2016

What makes a Big Four partner?

An examination of the qualities needed to make it as a big firm partner

16 July 2014

How business can address the skills gap

The skills shortage is a much cited barrier to business, but why does it exist? David Adams investigates

7 April 2017

Showing 10 of 367 items