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Brexit and the supply chain: why it pays to be proactive

Andrew Underwood and Olivier Sorgniard explore the potential impact of our post-Brexit trading model on supply chain operations

17 July 2017

Transparency and supply chains

How companies can be more transparent in an increasingly globalised environment

22 June 2016
Technology and business

How Fintech is disrupting supply chain finance

UK businesses are currently grappling with a late payments endemic, one that is creating a working capital crisis in the UK

17 August 2017

Accounting and finance jobs up 15%

The number of vacancies in the UK is on the rise, compared to last year

31 October 2017

Modern slavery: See no evil

Overlooking evidence of use of slavery can damage companies' reputation

31 March 2016

The business of Brexit

There’s plenty for professional firms to be thinking about in relation to clients’ businesses and to their own, Caroline Biebuyck finds

8 May 2017

The UK's multilateral trade future

As the UK negotiates the terms of its divorce from the EU, its leaders should look at the international trade relations that best serve it

1 days ago

Calculating the cost of terrorism

How terrorism gives some firms competitive advantages while destroying others

14 September 2016

One in three firms looking to relocate amid Brexit uncertainty

Almost half of manufacturing executives believe a hard Brexit will have a negative impact on their organisation

23 February 2017

Blockchain: Living up to the hype

Since an initial fall-out, organisations have been quietly forging ahead to develop applications that have the potential to transform business

5 October 2017

Showing 10 of 147 items