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Corbyn to address mass tax avoidance in UN speech

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will take aim at mass tax avoidance and “grotesque” inequality

8 December 2017

Tax avoidance by large corporations "morally wrong"

Nearly one in 10 people believe tax avoidance, even when legal, is wrong

28 November 2017

Hammond targets tech firms in tax avoidance measures

The chancellor plans to raise £200m a year by cracking down tax avoidance among tech multinationals

23 November 2017

Google saved $3.7bn using tax loopholes in 2016

Internet search giant Google saved $3.7bn (£2.7bn) in taxes in 2016 by using tax avoidance structures, Dutch regulatory filings show

3 January 2018

Finance Bill confirms measures to crack down on tax avoidance

Bill introduces new penalty for those who enable the use of tax avoidance schemes that are later defeated by HMRC

21 March 2017

Groundbreaking tax treaty to be signed in Paris

Finance ministers from over 60 countries to sign agreement to crack down on international tax avoidance

7 June 2017

Get tough on tax avoidance, say Conservative voters

Seven in 10 Conservative voters believe the government should be more active in tackling tax avoidance by companies

20 November 2017

How HMRC is fighting back against tax avoidance schemes

Nick Martindale looks at new measures designed to ensure every organisation pays its share

1 June 2017

HMRC wins appeal

The Bank of Ireland tried to exploit a tax loophole with one of its subsidiaries

11 May 2016

HMRC defeats £325m tax avoidance scheme

The wealthy will face a £325m tax bill after HM Revenue and Customs won its tax battle

23 October 2017

Showing 10 of 375 items