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The rise of the precariat

The growing gig economy, is presenting world governments with a slew of issues. Neil Johnson investigates the ramifications of this new way of working

2 June 2017

How non doms will be affected by upcoming tax changes

Now that May has secured a government with DUP support, major tax reforms are coming, say Dhana Sabanathan and Simon Gibb

6 July 2017

Taylor Review more radical than expected on tax reform

The report into modern working practices proposes wide-ranging changes. Graham Farquhar examines the key points

11 July 2017

HMRC's average call waiting time improves

Meanwhile HMRC's annual report also finds it collected £38bn more in total tax revenues than last year

14 July 2017

NAO qualifies HMRC's accounts for 14th consecutive year

Fraud and error within tax credits already at material levels and set to rise, auditors reveal

5 days ago

Taxation and the election

Thomson Reuters examines which party has earned your vote on taxation

8 June 2017

Spring Budget: 11 ways it will impact business

The ICAEW Tax Faculty has produced a useful commentary on the changes to expect. Here are some that will impact on firms

7 April 2017

Raft of tax legislation announced in Queen's Speech

Three Finance Bills including one this summer but the sketchiest of timing and content details

21 June 2017

Foreign governments increasingly relying on HMRC

Revenue received 24% more requests for assistance from overseas government into taxpayers from overseas jurisdictions last year

10 July 2017

OTS calls for alignment of corporation tax with accounts

OTS concludes only significant reform of CT rules will make any difference to compliance burden

4 July 2017

Showing 10 of 11788 items