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The accountant of the future

How practices can accommodate changes in a way that will sharpen their competitive edge

6 January 2017

2016 in review: the year in tech

We examine a year of mind-blowing technological innovations

6 January 2017

How the telecoms industry changed in 2017

Telecoms industry veteran Dave Millett, a director at Equinox, reflects on what this year has meant for the sector

4 January 2018
Home, Travel and Lifestyle

How technology has influenced art

Chris Labrooy explores how a new digital world interacts with art

20 September 2017

Manx Telecom CFO suspended over criminal investigation

Danny Bakhshi, CFO of the Isle of Man’s largest telecoms provider, was suspended over criminal investigations

11 August 2017

Changes in technology

Amy Duff on the ten most significant recent changes in technology

3 June 2016

Microsoft gets businesses fit for the future

How Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Edition is helping companies getting ready for the future

4 May 2017

Wired for success

Technology could underpin the economic recovery, but are the sector’s mid-sized firms getting the investment?

31 January 2013

Great client relationships the key to success in the digital age

Accountants must harness new technology to develop better services and nurture client relationships

19 October 2017
Technology and business

Viva la (digital) revolution!

A digital approach to customer experience sees brands focusing on engaging and opening up a dialogue with their customers

24 October 2017

Showing 10 of 162 items