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Women in business

Prominent female business leaders discuss issues they face today

2 March 2015

GEW 2013: Women in business

On Women's Enterprise day we look at three business owners and their companies

20 November 2013

Women in business -what's changed?

Five years on from the financial crash, what has changed for women in business?

24 September 2013

Number of women in senior business roles declining

UK going backwards despite increased pressure to improve gender diversity, Grant Thornton finds

8 March 2017

Business women shine in Power List

EY’s Liz Bingham is one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK, according to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

12 February 2013

Female entrepreneurs and the curse of "male-only" business attributes

Women in business can be forced to define themselves in opposition to the attributes associated with men, Lianne Taylor argues

1 days ago

Women and finance: the issues

With finance remaining unattractive for female applicants, Faye Watts outlines a strategy for getting women running the numbers

6 January 2017

Big Four firms in top employers for women list

Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC all included in list of the 50 best workplaces for women in the UK

27 April 2017

Women dominate advisory board

10 out of the 16 London mayor’s business advisory board members are women

29 November 2016

Businesses must retain strategists

Strategists are key to business survival, PwC warns amid shortage

18 May 2015

Showing 10 of 2354 items