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Striking the perfect work/life balance

Managers are trying to negotiate the relationship between employers and employees more holistically, as Nick Martindale discovers

10 January 2017

In the mood for a melody

David Matthews has balanced his accountancy career with his songwriting

2 March 2016

Northern highlights

Amy Duff explores the ups and downs of living and working in Scandinavia

2 October 2012

A day in the life: Stefan Payne

Stefan Payne is CFO at expanding charter airline Titan Airways. He tells Raymond Doherty about concerts in the sky and the fear of Brexit

31 October 2017

Day in the life: Qun Yang

Qun Yang trained as an auditor before founding a biotech company

3 November 2015

Accountants work too much, study warns

Accountants are putting in too much overtime, with one in 10 working seven days a week

28 September 2017

Flexible Balance

In today’s global economy, a country’s labour market can be a source of competitive advantage. But how flexible should a country strive to be?

31 October 2017

A third of accountants are stressed

A study shows more than a third of accountants have admitted they suffer from stress

10 October 2017

A day in the life: Martin Augier

Martin Augier takes Raymond Doherty for a test drive in small business

30 September 2015

Best practice: the benefits of flexible working

In the latest of our series, Xenia Taliotis looks at how an elastic approach to office hours can be a tool both for recruiting and retaining staff

27 July 2017

Showing 10 of 695 items