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The SME landscape post-Brexit

Kevin Vendel explains how accountants can help SMEs reinvent themselves after Britain leaves the EU

20 April 2017

SMEs fear losing workforce to Brexit

More than half of SMEs with EU staff worried about accessing the right employees after Britain leaves the EU

3 days ago

Brexit is top priority for the FCA

Britain’s EU exit and consumer vulnerabilities top list of concerns in FCA's new business plan

19 April 2017

Brexit vote could harm UK anti-corruption efforts

Uncertainty about future applicability of EU money laundering rules adds to concerns over UK’s ability to tackle foreign bribery

24 March 2017

Insolvencies rise following Brexit vote

Last year saw reversal of a six-year downward trend in levels of insolvency, KPMG finds

12 January 2017

Tax haven Brexit threatens the UK's social model

The threat that Britain might soon become a “corporate tax haven” – issued by Philip Hammond – revealed a fundamental truth about Brexit

26 January 2017

Khan warns against hard Brexit

Leaving single market would be “economic self-sabotage”, London mayor warns

28 October 2016
Personal Investing

Brexit Begins what it means for the pound

Whether you’re a leaver, or a remainer, there’s no disputing that the triggering of Article 50 by the prime minister will go down in history

7 April 2017

Brexit remains top concern for CFOs

Concerns over Brexit have impacted risk appetite and optimism among CFOs

10 October 2016

May sets Brexit timetable

PM to trigger Article 50 and begin exit negotiations by end of March 2017

3 October 2016

Showing 10 of 3731 items