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Brexit and the City, post-election

Following the shock result last week, is a soft Brexit now more likely?

14 June 2017

The business of Brexit

There’s plenty for professional firms to be thinking about in relation to clients’ businesses and to their own, Caroline Biebuyck finds

8 May 2017

Inflation climbs to 2.9% as Brexit squeezes

UK inflation has increased to its highest rate in four years as Brexit uncertainty and the weak pound hit home

13 June 2017

Insolvencies rise following Brexit vote

Last year saw reversal of a six-year downward trend in levels of insolvency, KPMG finds

12 January 2017

Business groups urge a softer Brexit

Business leaders plead with government to pursue a softer Brexit after the chancellor confirmed the UK will leave the single market and customs union

3 days ago

First rise in City jobs since Brexit vote

Number of job vacancies in the City of London rose year-on-year in November

12 December 2016

Brexit benefits for millionaire Britons

More than 80% of young millionaires confident that Brexit will help them increase their wealth

22 March 2017

Khan warns against hard Brexit

Leaving single market would be “economic self-sabotage”, London mayor warns

28 October 2016

Brexit is an opportunity to reform tax rules

UK must "seize the chance" to take back control and review its tax system, IFS director says

14 December 2016

Hard Brexit would have "substantial" impact on the City

LSE warns City could lose up to £18bn in revenue and reiterates warning of 100,000 job losses

17 March 2017

Showing 10 of 3307 items