21 Dec 2017 03:40pm

The top 10 most-read features of 2017

This year you dived deep on work/life balance, the Budget, IFRS 16, the gig economy and a number of profiles

Caption: More than 20 years ago, Helen Dickinson took the leap from KPMG to the British Retail Consortium

1. Striking the perfect work/life balance

The concept of work/life integration has entered the business lexicon as managers try to negotiate the complicated relationship between employers and employees more holistically. As Nick Martindale discovers, flexible working and wellbeing are at the heart of this narrative

2. The rise of the precariat

The growing gig economy, composed of self-employed, flexible and entrepreneurial workers, is presenting world governments with a slew of issues. Neil Johnson investigates the ramifications of this new way of working

3. Spring Budget 2017

All the news, analysis, reaction and comment from the Spring Budget

4. Profile: Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

In 2010, shortly after Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak was sworn in, he announced the framework for his government’s long-term plan to boost sustainable growth and help the country join the ranks of other high-income Asian economies – but crucially, not at all costs

5. Why IFRS 16 will radically change the retail sector

The retail sector is shaping up for some radical changes with the introduction of the leasing standard, as Caroline Biebuyck finds out

6. The long and winding road to Brexit

In March, Theresa May plans to embark on a journey that will take the UK out of the EU. But, says Paul Wallace, the route is unlikely to be smooth, and the destination might not be what some Brexiteers want

7. Could a universal basic income work in the UK?

As the cost of living outstrips the rise in wages, and the welfare state creaks under the strain, David Adams looks at the concept of basic, or citizen’s, income, and asks how it will work and if we will ever see it implemented in the UK or elsewhere

8. How accountancy firms can retain the best talent

A third of qualified accountants say they plan to change jobs next year. So how can you make sure you hang on to your best staff? Rachel Willcox outlines a retention strategy

9. Profile: Helen Dickinson

After 23 years at KPMG, Helen Dickinson made a life-changing decision and took the CEO role at the British Retail Consortium. She speaks to Amy Duff about why she made the leap from the profession to industry and how the BRC is using its expertise to help make retail fit for the future

10. Profile: Neeta Atkar

In her three decades at the heart of the financial services sector, Neeta Atkar has experienced tumult as well as triumph. She tells Amy Duff about her latest role as non-executive director and chair of the Risk Committee at the British Business Bank and how she hopes to help future-proof the institution