8 Feb 2017 10:24am

As I see it: Jeanne Boillet

Jeanne Boillet, EY Global Assurance Innovation leader

Caption: Photography: Emmanuel Fradin

I was born in the north of France when mining and steel industries were closing. I worked hard at school in order to have the freedom to decide what I wanted to do. I did an MBA while I found the right career. Joining an audit firm was a natural way to complement my education.

My first audit engagement as a junior was to do some bookkeeping. It was a tough experience as I was not trained for it. It really helped me to understand how audit works. I quickly moved on to other activities, which required more insight and scepticism.

I love the interaction with a variety of people and environments at our client side. I also relate strongly to our broader purpose to build a better working world by bringing more confidence in the financial markets and contributing to creating jobs and supporting economic growth. Auditors continually reinvent themselves through the adoption of new ways of working.

I’m most proud of winning the audit of a new CAC 40 [Paris market index] account after several years of working with the client in a non-audit capacity. The relationships we built really made a difference.

We are taking advantage of technological disruption to enhance the audit process. This requires huge change management as we shift to new ways of working and educate our people, as well as regulators, about new approaches to deliver a completely new experience to our clients.

You cannot conquer the world by yourself. Having the right people around you will make all the difference, so don’t neglect your team. Invest in them and support them in achieving their goals and they will do the same for you