27 Jul 2017 10:00am

As I see it: Claire Georghiades

Claire Georghiades on how she has shaped her career without letting it shape her life, while building Accounts Resource in Teddington, London

Caption: Photography by Chris George.

I visited Bushy Park as a child and dreamed of living near there as an adult, in a happy home with a loving husband, children and a dog. From that list, I’m only missing the dog.

My late mother always insisted that you can do anything you want. I trained as a chartered accountant because I wanted to be able to keep my options open and create my dream career to fit around my future personal life, not the other way round.

My first accounting role was in private schools and I got to understand the value of continuous learning as an adult, because our working lives are constantly evolving.

My first major challenge was graduating from the London School of Economics in 1991, the start of a major recession. I collected a file of rejection letters until I was accepted by a top 50 accountancy firm. I learned to accept negative experiences as helpful feedback.

My proudest moment was winning the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award, which has given us access to an incredible business community, many of whom have become clients. It’s one of four awards won by my business, Accounts Resource.

The SME sector in the UK is incredibly vibrant and we have exciting plans to expand. I am also working on a book, which will be a blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to achieve their dreams through their small business.

I enjoy running and cycling for exercise and rowing as a spectator. I ran the London Marathon in 2015 and two years later I have itchy feet to gain a “Good for Age” time and have another stab at it.

The most difficult but important lesson I’ve learned is summed up by the Steve Jobs quote: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”