economia 23 Jun 2017 09:10am

The #economia50 2017

We asked, and once again we’ve had a huge response from economia readers and Twitter followers. Here are the top 50 most influential sources of finance news and information in social media, as voted for by you.

Caption: Find out who were the movers and shakers this year

This year, while many of the names are familiar, there has been quite a lot of movers and shakers, chopping and changing. The reason being, apart from the obvious - that some people received more or less votes compared to last year - is that we decided to slightly alter our ranking methodology.

The new methodology

This year’s economia50 set out with the primary objective of not being a pure popularity contest. The public vote – spread out across nominations received on Twitter and via our online survey – were the metric afforded the most emphasis, however there were half a dozen other criteria on which the 50 were also ranked before the final scores were tallied.

The most successful nominees managed their lofty positions by maintaining a high level of average retweets (per tweet) and could also be relied upon to reply to tweets directed to them from followers – a key picture of influence and engagement.

You might argue that retweeting others could impact your own average, so we also built a retweet percentage into the matrix.

Whilst follower size was one metric, it was far more important to have a strong ratio of followers to followees and a robust tweet to follow proportion. In reality, only users with a following level about 1,000 could expect to compete well enough in all of these areas to catapult themselves into the top 50.

Finally, we looked at the Moz page authority for each user to establish how likely each would be to rank within a search engine – a metric underpinned by its own raft of nuanced quality checks.

Now that the dull part is out of the way, to the results…