3 Nov 2016 08:30am

Personal wealth management for CFOs and accountants

SPONSORED FEATURE: Private clients should carefully review their wealth management service says Charlotte Ransom, former Goldman Sachs partner and CEO of Netwealth

Caption: Why private clients should review their wealth management service

After a 20 year career at Goldman Sachs, the last five as a partner in private wealth for EMEA and Asia, I found myself in a state of paralysis when it came to my own finances. I knew I did not want to manage my own money, yet I could not find an acceptable discretionary wealth management service elsewhere.

I was dismayed by the lack of transparency, the very high fee levels, the often poor performance after charges and generally an inadequate service for what is nevertheless something that is much needed.

After all, how many of us are really interested in, or perhaps capable of, managing our own money?

As a result, my co-founder, Thomas Salter, and I decided it was time to create the solution ourselves. With the launch of Netwealth, we deliberately address the most important features we feel are missing from the private wealth management market, which is currently under-serving many thousands of professionals: transparency, cost and accessibility.

Netwealth combines the best aspects of traditional discretionary management with the enhancements of a technology-enabled service. We provide a deeply experienced team, a robust approach to investing, high level of security for client assets and access to advisers if desired.

These key aspects are coupled with much lower costs, full transparency, an ability to customise according to individual goals and access to the Netwealth Network. We believe that by combining these elements, our clients have a proposition which is genuinely different from and an improvement upon the discretionary wealth management services currently available, whether they decide to work with Netwealth entirely online or with our advisers.

Our difference

Seasoned Leadership Team

Together we bring a very significant level of maturity and know-how to wealth management.

Cost Effective

Netwealth makes use of the latest technology, allowing the total fee charges to be between a quarter to one third that of the industry average.

Comprehensive Offering

Our powerful investment tools help you to plan for a variety of financial goals, including regular income, significant outgoings and pension drawdown. Investments can also be set up with the full suite of pension/SIPP, ISA and JISA wrappers in addition to general investment accounts, with the ability to automate future tax efficient investing.

Professional Advice

Our qualified investment advisers can provide you with advice on how best to invest should you wish to speak with them.

Network Benefits

The Netwealth Network allows clients to share the benefits of the service with their family and friends, with fee rates based on the combined amounts invested within the Network.


Security is a critical part of the Netwealth service. All client assets are separately held in custody and ring fenced, and clients access their data via a dual factor authentication process.

Find out how we can help with your pension and investments at netwealth.com or call 020 3795 4784 to book a free consultation.

Remember that when investing the value of your investments may go down as well as up and that your capital is at risk.


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