economia team 22 Dec 2017 10:53am

The top 10 most-read in Life 2017

This year you were interested in the 90s (restaurants and music), how to live happier and longer, dogs, gardening, and famous accountants
Caption: Living longer: owning a dog can reduce your risk of heart disease and stress

1. Restaurants that were big in the 1990s

Neil Davey explores three destination eateries that were big in the 1990s, and still tickle the tastebuds today

2. Six stars who started out as accountants

It might be difficult to imagine any of these familiar faces sitting behind a desk, but at one point all of them planned a future in finance

3. The 10 best albums of 1997

There’s nothing economia likes more than an anniversary, and a list. Travelling back two decades to an era when albums were actually released, the editorial team has picked 10 that it thinks makes 1997 one of the best years for music, ever

4. The best Budget jokes

Philip Hammond used his first Budget to try and rid his “Spreadsheet Phil” reputation and out himself as a banter merchant - to mixed results. While the despatch on Budget Day isn’t exactly the crucible of comedy, a few chancellors have tried to break up the numbers with the odd wisecrack

5. Ten easy ways to make yourself happier

Even modest happiness hacks can make a difference. Patricia Carswell suggests 10 ways to enrich your existence that don’t involve a seismic change

6. London's latest rooftop bars and terraces

From rooftop establishments boasting marble-lined pools and views of St Paul's, to multi-floor venues serving show-stopping experimental cocktails, Urbanologie brings you a pick of the best rooftop bars gracing the UK capital in time for summer

7. How to live a longer and better life

A new study this week revealed that, by 2030, women born in South Korea will have a life expectancy of 90. With the UK lagging slightly behind with a life expectancy of 85 by then, here are a few tips on how to live a longer and healthier life

8. Can giving up the rat race and going back to basics really work?

There’s something about the idea of living off the land on a small, manageable scale that captures the imagination. Getting back to a simpler life, knowing where each mouthful comes from, living authentically – it sounds earthily and satisfyingly good for the soul. But, asks Patricia Carswell, what about the reality?

9. The best ski resorts for guaranteed snow

There’s nothing worse than travelling to a ski resort and discovering rocks and muddy pasture where there should be an endless expanse of well-groomed piste. William Ham Bevan digs out five lesser-known resorts where you’ll have every chance of finding good snow cover

10. The best garden tech

This is a great time of year to get out into the garden, whether it's to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work earlier in the year or simply to knock it into shape for summer. Either way, more gardeners are turning to technology and here Richard Cree examines the best of the booming garden tech market