Penelope Rance 1 Feb 2018 04:50pm

Fit food for February

February is the "make or break" month for new year's resolutions. So with temptations and old habits knocking at the door, economia have compiled a list of some healthy go-to restaurants where you can treat yourself without the set backs
Caption: Where to go to treat yourself without the calory overload


The Good Life Eatery
London locations

The Good Life Eatery squeezes juices from its custom-made hydraulic press, with all vitamins, enzymes and nutrients intact. Breakfast bowls are imaginative: the Earth option has poached eggs, seasonal greens, camaralised onion hummus, omega seeds and paprika. Prices aren’t cheap – perhaps why the branches are based in London’s exclusive areas.


Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant

Henderson’s, Edinburgh’s vegetarian icon, went fully vegan in 2015. With wines, beers, coffee, cakes and dinner all 100% animal free, you can relax and enjoy without having to question each ingredient. Dishes change daily, but you can be assured of scoring some meat-free haggis and root vegetable mash.


Lovefit Café
Brighton, East Sussex

Pitching itself as the UK’s “original gym food restaurant”, Lovefit caters to Brighton’s buff and beautiful, pushing high-protein, low-carb fare, made to order in its retro-fitted surrounds. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be recovering from a Crossfit hero workout or drawing up your gains plan to eat here: just someone looking for a clean, fresh lunch that won’t induce guilt or expand the waistline.

The current passion for low-carbing (we’re talking more green veg, not mainlining bacon) is well served at Lovefit. Helping to guide you through the extensive lunch menu are heart symbols demarking high protein and low calorie winners, and how many of your five-a-day each dish ticks off. Grams of macronutrients are listed, along with points ratings for commercial eating plans. Gluten free options are starred – and you can pick a protein bun for your burger.

With so much information, it can take a while to navigate the menu, but the dishes when they arrive are refreshingly simple. Protein hotplates (tuna or chicken) come with a choice of sides and variety of dips. Among the chicken options, Cajun was our winner, with blackened seasoning and guacamole, while the tuna steak niçoise was seared to perfection, and included coriander, avocado and pomegranate seeds. The sides are functional, with wholegrain rice and garden peas doing exactly what it says on the packet. The broccoli with flaked parmesan and chilli had more pep, and the grilled halloumi and beetroot chutney got top marks.

And if there’s only so much virtue you can take, there’s always cake. Although they’re made with natural ingredients, Lovefit makes no pretence that their sweet treats are good for you – and they do come with conscience-stabbing calorie counts. It’s worth it though: the super dark brownie is a low(ish) carb option that gets the endorphins flowing, while the banana, cinnamon and chia bread will supercharge your glycogen levels like nothing else (maybe pop into a spin class afterwards).

If you can’t leave your power diet at the door for dessert, pick the California pancakes, and go for the vanilla protein option, packed with 25g of the muscle-building stuff.