Danny McCance and Raymond Doherty 24 Aug 2017 04:55pm

Six of the best burgers

It’s National Burger Day and so the focus is, unsurprisingly, on burgers. Concentrating on the US and the UK, here are some spots that are doing the humble patty and bun very well
Caption: The beauty of a burger is in its simplicity

Corner bistro

Located in New York City's Greenwich Village neighbourhood the Corner Bistro’s humble looking exterior reflects its menu and ambience: simple but what it does it does, it does very well indeed. It serves four classic burgers, a few traditional sides and has good beer on tap. All delicious.

JG Melon

Envision if you will a classic American burger eatery. Your mind probably conjures some chequered tablecloths, big chunks of gherkin and the smoky smell of a hot griddle hissing. Enter JG Melon, the joint serving New York residents its no frills cheeseburger for almost half a century. As with Corner Bistro, simple is king.

Meat market

The scruffier (and tastier) sister restaurant to the more polished, and louder, Meat Liquor. Relatively hidden above the older part of Covent Garden market Meat Market is set-up to feel like an old American diner. You are served quickly from a small menu. The burgers are juicy, stacked and amazing. Go for the Green Chilli Cheeseburger if you like a kick.

Dukes Brew and Que

Although primarily a ribs joint, Dukes still does burgers very well. For serious customers there is Big Bowser the Beef Wowser – two 6oz patties with all the usual treatment. Unlike some of the simpler options on this list Dukes offers and huge amount of customisability including various cheeses, jalapenos and even pulled pork to pile on top of your patty.

Dirty Burger

This pan-continental (well London and Chicago) option is another stripped-back-to-the-meaty-basics option. The menu is more than simple – burger with cheese, burger with bacon, burger with chicken, or burger without meat – and the selection of sides is equally slender. What is not slender however is the food itself, with the juicy, dripping patties living up to the restaurants name.

In and out

The US West Coast chain has become somewhat of a pilgrimage for burger loving-visitors to the Sunshine State. It may be a fast-food chain but the meat and buns they serve are fantastic. Hence the frenzy – five hour queues beginning at 8am - when they launched pop-up restaurants across the pond in London.