Julia Irvine 21 Aug 2017 12:25pm

DIT gets chief trade negotiations expert from NZ

The man charged with leading the UK’s trade negotiations with other countries in the run-up to Brexit and beyond takes up his position at the Department for International Trade (DIT) this week

He is Crawford Falconer, a New Zealand and UK dual national who is an internationally recognised expert with over 25 years of experience in trade and foreign affairs.

Before taking up the post of chief trade negotiation adviser, he was professor of global value chains and trade at Lincoln University in New Zealand.

Before then he was deputy secretary (vice minister for international trade and foreign affairs at the NZ Foreign Office. He has also worked at the OECD, acted as New Zealand’s ambassador to the World Trade Organisation, and sat as a judge on more than 15 WTO international trade disputes.

Welcoming him to the DIT, international trade secretary Liam Fox said, “Crawford Falconer brings a wealth of international trade expertise to our international economic department, ensuring that as we leave the EU, the UK will be at the forefront of global free trade and driving the case for international openness.

“His direct experience in global trade will prove invaluable as we build our future trading arrangements with the rest of the world.”

In his new role, Falconer will draw on his expertise on trade negotiation and strategy to advise the international trade secretary on striking trade agreements and market access deals with the UK’s global trading partners. And he will be responsible for developing key strategic relationships with international partners and trade counterparts.

Closer to home, he will also head up the profession for trade negotiators within the UK Civil Service, with the brief to build, recruit for and strengthen the department’s specialist trade and negotiation capability.