Julia Irvine 18 Aug 2017 11:01am

EY to flag its staff's digital skills

EY is to launch a system of digital skills badges which its staff can earn to “differentiate themselves” in the marketplace

The idea is that in investing in their own careers by acquiring skills – including data visualisation, artificial intelligence, data transformation and information strategy – which they can use to solve complex problems, EY people will be encouraged to stay ahead of the game in today’s rapidly changing world.

“By using badges to recognise our people’s skills, we are increasing their career value and professional visibility, as well as equipping them with the right skills and experience to respond to the changing needs of our clients and to deliver our purpose of building a better working world,” explained Nancy Altobello, EY’s vice chair – talent.

According to the firm, the badges – which will come in four levels of distinction (from bronze to platinum) – will not just require learning and experience but will also involve making a contribution to the broader community, for instance, through coaching colleagues or presenting to clients.

The badges will be hosted by a third-party digital platform where credentials from EY and other organisations will be available. EY staff will also be able to display their badges in their social media channels.

The firm says the badges will help match up staff with the requisite skills to relevant projects and engagements with the organisation.

The badges system, which will be available to all EY’s 250,000 plus staff members around the world, will be launched later in the year.