Danny McCance 8 Aug 2018 03:41pm

Is it last orders for liquid lunches?

Seven in 10 British workers say they would not drink alcohol at a business lunch, with 23% claiming their boss would not tolerate such behaviour

Attitudes towards what a business lunch should look like are changing, with 46% saying they’d prefer to stick to water, according to research from Deliveroo for Business.

Almost half of those surveyed (45%) said they would not be able to get any work done after they went on a “boozy lunch”, and 44% said they would regularly get “tipsy” on a business lunch.

However, 57% said that some of their most lucrative deals were made at such lunches.

Research found there is also a decline in the number of working lunches now being taken, with the average now being three every six months, compared to five every six months one decade ago.

Not only are lunches becoming less regular, they’re also becoming shorter.

While one decade ago a business lunch would last two hours or more, the average modern lunch now lasts under an hour.

The top 10 things respondents missed about boozy lunches:

1. Talking face to face rather than on email

2. Bonding with clients

3. A good gossip

4. Being able to put things on expenses

5. Harmless flirting with colleagues

6. Impromptu all day drinking sessions

7. Hilarious antics

8. Dessert trolleys

9. Cheese boards

10. Going back to the office tipsy