9 May 2012

CABA reports doubling of carer requests

The number of requests for financial, practical and emotional support made to CABA has doubled in the last six months

CABA says that it is being approached by both accountants being cared for and those caring for accountants who feel the support offered by their local authority is inadequate.

Kath Haines, Chief Executive at CABA, said, “We have seen a definite increase in requests for help from carers. The most common issue is that the carer simply needs to take some kind of break, either as a one-off or as an ongoing respite. They tend to call us as they feel they are reaching breaking point.

“We are normally able to provide assistance either by enabling them to access local authority help that may be available or by providing funding that enables them to put suitable arrangements in place. In most cases, this can be done relatively quickly.

“Carers that are able to take a break from their commitments often find their lives changed completely. Much of the stress that caring for another adult creates comes from not being able to walk away for a few hours a week, the feeling that the task facing them will never end - and that is something with which we can help.”

A recent survey from The Carers Trust reported that nearly 60% of carers are suffering from mental health problems because of their commitments, while 25% also reported medical symptoms.

Haines added, “There is an assumption that all carers are retired, older couples where one spouse is caring for another. This does form a large proportion of the people that we help but we also provide assistance to student accountants in their 20s who provide care for relatives and middle aged accountants who continue working part time in the profession while looking after a friend at other times.

“There are many different situations but what carers do tend to have in common is their large degree of commitment and selflessness, and we help wherever possible.”

CABA was formed in 1886, and supports current and former ICAEW members and their dependent family members. 

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Helen Roxburgh