Jessica Fino 10 Feb 2017 04:44pm

Accountants among most dateable professionals

Accountants have been named as the fourth most desirable professionals in the UK, behind only doctors, emergency service workers and artists

Cloud software provider Xero asked 3,500 people about their views on accountants. It found that 83% and 77% of those interviewed dismissed the “nerd” and “introvert” stereotypes towards the profession.

The survey found that the vast majority of people see accountants as analytical (83%), intelligent (74%) and with strong business skills (53%).

Personal fitness trainers, tradespeople and car salespeople also made it onto the list of the professionals that British people would most like to date.

Moreover, three quarters of the people surveyed said that although they would like to date an accountant, they have never considered entering the profession themselves (76%), and 6% said they had no idea what an accountant does.

Paul Bulpitt, head of accounting at Xero, said, “The perception that accountants and bookkeepers are desk-bound, nerdy, bean-counters is still there, but the reality couldn’t be further from this. Technology has revolutionised the accounting industry, and as a result over the last decade we’ve seen a new breed of professionals appear.

“Xero have many accounting partners who are excellent examples of the new-age, innovative accounting firm, whose employees challenge these stereotypes. Accountants and bookkeepers of today have diverse careers and are often playing the role of business advisors to small businesses.”