Jessica Fino 28 Feb 2017 05:22pm

Accountants who feel respected are the happiest

Being treated with fairness and respect are the key ingredients for driving happiness among accounting and finance workers, a survey by Robert Half has found

It said that 67% of UK employees feel fairness and respect are the most important drivers for being happy at work, followed by freedom (66%) and pride in their organisation (60%).

Meanwhile, accountants said that being treated with fairness and respect was the main driver for being happy at work, followed by being proud in their organisation and feeling appreciated for the work they do.

Those working in financial services valued pride in their organisation as the main driver, followed by feeling appreciated.

Accountants came 4th in the level of happiness and level of interest in work rankings, just behind marketing and creative, administrative and clerical and technology.

Moreover, the happiest employees work at companies with 100-249 employees. The least happy workers were found at organisations with 10,000 or more employees.

Senior executives ranked highest in happiness and interest in their jobs, followed by staff-level professionals.

According to the report, 81% of people get along with people on their immediate team, 68% feel that teams within their organisation generally work well together and 62% have good friends at work.

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director at Robert Half, said, “With fulfilled employees, organisations can nurture a positive work culture. This has a tremendous impact on both staff morale and the business as a whole – boosting satisfaction levels, enabling companies to remain competitive and directly impacting the bottom line.

“Most business leaders acknowledge that workplace happiness has a tangible impact on productivity and profitability. By creating a positive culture that rewards employees then workforce satisfaction levels will rise and positively influence the business.”

Robert Half interviewed 2,000 workers in the UK during the third quarter of 2016.