Joel Muckett 2 Jan 2018 12:50pm

Nearly 19,000 tax returns filed on New Year's Eve

A total of 18,825 tax returns were filed in the UK on New Year’s Eve, with 205 individuals still submitting in the hour before midnight

Figures from the HMRC also revealed that 17,068 returns were submitted yesterday, and more than 15,000 between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

While 6,033 taxpayers filed self-assessment returns on Christmas Eve. 2,590 returns were submitted on Christmas Day and a further 7,655 on Boxing Day.

This was less than the 6,214 returns submitted on Christmas Eve in 2016, but much higher than the 1,944 on Christmas Day and 6,200 on Boxing Day the same year.

HMRC released the figures alongside a new campaign urging Britain’s 11.4 million self-assessment taxpayers to complete their returns before the deadline of 31 January.

The campaign, which features quacking ducks, pushes for customers not to ignore the common “niggling” feeling around completing their tax returns.

“It’s easy to put off doing your Self Assessment, but that tax ‘niggle’ means it’s always on our customers’ minds,” said HMRC director general for customer services Angela MacDonald.

“We want to help remind our customers to get it done so they can alleviate that feeling, ensuring they can relax.”

Those who need to complete their self-assessment returns can do so online before the end of January, though the deadline for paper returns passed in October.

Customers using their Personal Tax Account to pay their taxes can also get help with checking their state pension, updating tax credit circumstances, claiming tax refunds and updating their Marriage Allowance.

More than nine in 10 (92%) taxpayers currently complete their returns online.