9 Jan 2018 12:08pm

Strategic Alliance formed between AGN and DFK

The global accounting and consulting associations are cementing the process for referrals between member firms by creating a strategic alliance entitled Global Connect

AGN and DFK are currently the only two members of the new network, a company limited by guarantee with a membership agreement, which aims to cut down on poaching member firms, and support referrals between the associations.

“It’s there to have some rules, procedures and guidelines that we’ve both signed up to,” said Martin Sharp, CEO of DFK international.

Malcolm Ward echoed the sentiment, calling it a “collaborative relationship” aimed at helping one another.

“It is business as usual at member level, but where occasionally we can’t take care of a matter within our own organisation, the first port of call is to one another,” he said.

Changes in technology and how they will affect the industry is seen as one of the drivers behind the collaboration.

“We have good coverage, quite similar from one another, but not completely without gaps, but by the time you factor in increasingly complex niche and specialty requirements it’s very, very handy to draw on both our memberships,” Ward explained.

While both CEOs confirmed that they were not planning a merger, emphasising that they thought it would not be beneficial to do so at this point, both were open-minded about what the future may hold.