Joel Muckett 3 Jan 2018 04:06pm

The biggest office pet peeves 2018

Colleagues who spend their time complaining or gossiping are at the top of the list when it comes to workers’ pet peeves for 2018
Caption: What annoys you at work?
Leaving a messy workspace, colleagues pretending to work harder than they are and those who take credit for the work of others, were other sources of major annoyance, according to research from the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA).

Complaining too quickly about workloads also made the list of biggest office bugbears.

More generally, almost two thirds (59%) believed their colleagues affected their productivity.

“If you work with someone who constantly complains or takes advantage, you may dread coming to work even if you like your job,” said CABA services director Kelly Feehan.

“Colleagues have a profound impact on their co-workers’ performance and job satisfaction, and poor work ethic and attitude can drive employees to low productivity, absenteeism or even quitting a post.”

More than a quarter (28%) admitted to having a dispute with a colleague or manger on a fortnightly basis, with 28% believing they could do a better job than their manager despite believing they had a strong relationship with them.

While the research focused on negative aspects associated with colleagues, it also highlighted the importance of strong work relationships.

Nearly a third of employees (31%) said they enjoyed spending time with their colleagues or used them for emotional support, while 30% said they relied on their peers to aid them in stressful situations in the workplace.