10 Jul 2014 09:30am

Offshore Jersey accounts leaked

Several prominent figures revealed to have offshore accounts through controversial firm

Those linked to the Jersey trusts include a number of high profile celebrities, including actor Mel Gibson, former footballer Bryan Robson, Saville Row tailor Oswald Boateng, musician Mark Knopfler, Eddie Jordan, former Formula One team owner, and Sir Edward Evans-Lombe, retired high court judge, according to a report by the Guardian.

The Jersey files are taken from records of more than 20,000 individuals held with the wealth management firm Kleinwort Benson, which were leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in Washington DC.

They include those who sought a legal tax advantage from offshore activities; those who received legal offshore windfalls from relatives; and foreigners whose tax declarations to their own authorities are often voluntary.

The Guardian said it is publishing the names and details of “some carefully selected individuals to further the public debate about off-shoring and tax avoidance.”

There is no suggestion of illegality from the report.

Celebrities and their tax affairs have come to the fore in recent months following the tribunal ruling that the Icebreaker fund, whose investors included Gary Barlow and other members of Take That, was “known and understood by all concerned to be a tax avoidance scheme.”

Raymond Doherty


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