31 Jul 2014 03:13pm

Poor advice hurting understanding of accountancy careers

Lack of good careers advice is affecting young peoples aspirations, with 71% believing you need a degree to enter into professional services

A new study by the Association of Accounting Technicians argues that careers advice in schools “isn’t keeping pace” with young peoples’ aspirations, with 70% saying they would like, or would have liked, guidance from teachers and 61% said that direct advice from those in the industry would be helpful.

Almost three quarters (71%) of those surveyed said they believed you could not access a career in professional services without a degree, a “myth”, perpetuated by an “absence of advice”, said Mike Farrar, chief executive of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

He said, “Careers advice in schools and colleges isn’t keeping pace with this demand, meaning that some young people are relying on what their friends or parents tell them.

“An absence of advice is also resulting in myths, such as that you need a degree to enter a career like accounting. This absolutely isn’t true, and young people should be aware of alternatives such as Apprenticeships and professional training which can create a route into fantastic careers.”

Ellie Clayton


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