30 Jul 2015 11:27am

Deloitte and Sage announce tie-up

Big Four firm Deloitte has teamed up with accountancy software specialist Sage to help SMEs use cloud-based business tools

By working together, Deloitte and Sage hope to provide companies with the tools they need to increase their agility and adaptability in the business world.

Santiago Solanas, Sage’s global chief marketing officer, said the partnership would help SME’s to grow rapidly and effectively.

Solanas said, “This partnership is further evidence of our ambition to provide our millions of customers with everything they need to succeed, not just now or tomorrow, but for the life of their company.”

Kevin Walsh, Deloitte’s head of technology consulting, said the partnership would help ambitious SMEs compete in a competitive marketplace.

“Cloud is an important tool to help companies to grow and scale their businesses faster,” Walsh said. “This is particularly true in the finance function, where cloud technologies save time and effort and allow data to be accessed 24/7.

Oliver Griffin


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