25 Jul 2016 12:57pm

Premier League offers worst value for money in Europe, KPMG finds

Premier League clubs offer the least value for money, according to a new KPMG study

Arsenal is the worst offender, with season tickets for the Emirates starting at €1,663 (£1,391) compared to Real Madrid’s €223 (£186). Season ticket price is compared to an “enterprise value” for each club.

Despite being only the fifth most valuable club according to KPMG’s Football Benchmark valuation, ticket prices at Arsenal are six times higher than Real, the most valuable club.

The valuation takes into account profitability, popularity, stadium ownership, broadcasting rights and potential.

Five Premier League clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool - are judged to be in the “red zone”, for expensive tickets measured against enterprize value. Manchester United and Manchester City are the only top flight English clubs in the “yellow zone”.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich – the three “most valuable” clubs - are all in the “green zone”.

English clubs have come under fire for their ticket prices, with many clubs adopting price freeze strategies to cap their season tickets. Despite this, KPMG said, "their prices are still by far the most expensive in European football, as all the seven English teams covered in our report are in the top 10 of the most expensive cheapest-available season tickets".

Premier League clubs secured a £120m profit last year.

Ellie Clayton


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