Jessica Fino 14 Jul 2017 03:35pm

LSE and City University graduates are the best paid

Graduates from the London School of Economics and City University yielded the highest graduate salaries, at £38,000 and £36,000 respectively

In third and fourth place were Cambridge and Oxford Universities, with starting salaries of £35,000 and £34,000 each, according to salary benchmarking site Emolument.

The research found that LSE graduates earn more than twice as much as the lowest paid university (Cardiff Metropolitan University at £18,000 per year).

The highest paid discipline in the UK was economics, at £33,000 per year, followed by engineering at £28,000. Meanwhile management and strategy, mathematics and statistics, computer sciences, accounting, business and finance and physics salaries amount to £27,000.

At the bottom of the list were fine arts and design at £19,000 and English literature, media, marketing and communication at £21,000.

Alice Leguay, co-founder and chief operating officer at said, “With fees due to increase [to] over £9,000 this year, and students graduating with over £50,000 of debt on average, it is worth asking if the financial rewards a degree brings are worth the investment.

“Beyond a hoped-for increase in pay upon graduation, university offers opportunities for friendships, self-development through societies and sports, and a wealth of learning. However, if a degree cannot secure higher pay, it may be that university can no longer be seen as an investment but a boon only available to the well-off.”

Emolument found that those starting their career without a higher education degree can expect a salary of £19,000 at the beginning of their career, which is close to what graduates from the bottom 10 universities earn, at less than £20,000.

“From a solely financial point of view, a degree may not always be worth it.”

The survey analysed 2,400 salaries from graduates with less than two years' experience with a bachelor degree from UK universities.