Jessica Fino 27 Jul 2018 12:09pm

Professional services worst for managing stress

According to activities website, accountants and lawyers are the worst in the UK at taking the time to relieve stress levels, with 58% saying they do not do anything to manage them

The majority of these professionals (78%) blamed lack of free time as their biggest obstacle, while one in 10 blamed money issues for not pursuing post-work, stress relieving activities.

The survey found that, on average, British people work 40.2 hours a week.

Those who take steps to reduce stress find exercise (44%), engaging in personal hobbies (39%) and socialising with friends (35%) to be the best ways to release it.

Tom Batting, co-founder of, said, “It’s extremely worrying how many workers within professional services claim they do not prioritise getting the stress relief that is so important for maintaining their mental health.

“The irony is that this can actually become a vicious cycle – if we don’t make time for stress relief, this can lead to becoming more stressed or even burnout, both of which can reduce productivity further.

Batting said it was in professional services managers and bosses’ interests to ensure their employees managed their stress levels, and suggested they could do so by communicating its importance, allowing workers flexi-time to attend their preferred stress-relief activities, or providing classes or workshops for their workforce.

He added that doing so would also “positively impact on employees’ focus, concentration and efficiency in the workplace – which are particularly key in industries such as law and accountancy, where attention to detail and precision are especially vital.”

Batting said that employers who provide workers with things like yoga, meditation or arts and craft workshops in the workplace translate into a more productive and satisfied workforce.