Julia Irvine 6 Jun 2017 02:41pm

IAESB proposes change to accountants' continuing learning

The tick-box approach to continuing professional development (CPD) for accountants has had its day, if proposals from the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) get the go-ahead

The board has issued a proposed revision to its education standard on CPD which moves the focus away from doing a minimum number of hours of CPD to learning and development that is directly related to an accountant's professional responsibilities.

IAESB chair Chris Austin said that accountancy bodies around the world should take advantage of technological and educational advances to develop a more innovative approach to learning and development.

“This proposed standard embraces innovation and changes in learning by enhancing existing requirements and focusing recommended measurement approaches on learning,” he added.

All professional accountants are required to do CPD as a condition of continuing membership of their professional body. CPD helps to support their development and maintenance of competence to deliver high-quality services for their clients, employers and other stakeholders.

The proposed standard, IES7, is also intended to help educational organisations, employers, regulators and other stakeholders who are involved in accountants’ continuing development.

The deadline for comments is 5 September 2017.